Women Toys Sex Adult Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup Artificial Penis

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Usage method:

(1) clean it before use

(2) Apply appropriate lubricants according to yourself

(3) Insert it into vagina slowly

(4) Start to massage the vagina to have an orgasm


Matters needing attention:

(1) After use of the toy with a large number of secretions and lube residue, if long time does not clean, it is easy to breed bacteria, so after use, please clean your "toy" as soon as possible.

(2) After washing, it is appropriate to wipe with dry cotton cloth, or high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. Wipe it off and then dry it naturally to avoid exposure to the sun.

(3) After washing, you can sterilize it with special cleaning fluid and put it in the storage bag.


Cleaning instructions :

Before the appliance is used, wipe it with the disinfectant , or wipe it with the clean Yin water specially used by the ladies. If not, rinse with simple water.