Tassel Nipple Cover Heart Shape Bra Accessory Z02

Usage method:


1. wash hands and chest skin before use, and dry after skin dry.


2. Do not apply moisturizers and other skin care products to the chest before use, in order to avoid reducing the stickiness of the chest patch and affecting the firmness of the sticking.


3. gently remove the white shaped paper covered on the back of the product along the opening.


4. Stand in front of the mirror, put the dust-proof film on the back of the patch to cover the RT position, gently paste the cloth and skin together, paste it, then gently massage the chest, so that the patch and skin intact together, the other patch repeated this action;


5. When tearing off, one hand holds the chest, the other hand gently uncovered the edge of the patch, until the entire tear off, the movement should be gentle, vigorous tearing easily lead to skin injury;


1. after use, please discard the garbage cans, which is disposable chest stickers.








Approx 110-130mm / 4.33"-5.12"

Heart size

Approx 48*53mm / 1.89"*2.09"


Love Heart Tassel

Package included

1 pair X Sequin bra Nipple